Adjust Your Tracking is Out on Home Video!

The time has finally come! Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector is coming to a VCR near you!

We wanted to do this right and take our time with this release, but we have finally finished. As of March 11th you are finally able to own what we spent the last two years of our lives putting everything into making!

The item pictured above will only be available through our website and is a Collector’s Edition Big Box VHS/DVD set. Inside the set you will get an extended version of the film on VHS with more than 20 minutes added into the movie, as well as a 2-disc DVD edition with over 7 hours of special features including deleted and extended scenes, two commentaries, three brand new short films, behind the scenes featurettes, trailers, easter eggs, and much more.

Don’t want the whole set? You can also just order the 2-disc DVD edition from us long before it is available in stores or on iTunes.

Don’t collect physical media, can’t wait for the movie to ship, or just want to test it out? You can also download the film via the download tab above.

2-Disc DVD price: 24.99 + shipping
VHS/DVD Big Box price: 39.99 + shipping

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